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Friday, March 10, 2006

Cheat's cookies

I really wanted to bake heart shaped cookies on Valentine's Day but because I finished work late, I didn't really have the energy to start from scratch. And you know, sometimes you start the thought of baking and you just have to go through with it... it's therapeutic!

So... I bought ready made dough. Shock, horror! I couldn't reveal the secret then and there so I said I'd blog it. I've been in the supermarket and gone, "How lazy could you be... " I still can't believe I was that lazy! :) But the product has been around for a while so people do buy it. And who can forget that scene from Clueless when Cher throws the whole roll of dough in the oven?

The result? I didn't mind the cookies too much. I bought 2 types: one was the Sara Lee double chocolate one, and I was really quite impressed with that, and the other was an M&M one (I can't remember the brand right now) and unfortunately, I found that any M&Ms on the base of the cookies got a bit burnt. The Sara Lee cookies were gooey like the store bought ones and the
M&M ones went crisp very quickly - so monitor the baking time!

As for the heart shapes, I tried doing by hand and pushing through a heart-shaped cutter but this isn't the type of cookie dough that can be shaped. Would I do it again? I think so!

Cheat's cookies
1. Select and buy cookie "roll" (usually in refridgerator aisle)
2. Bake



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