Caper Berry Gravy

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Welcome to Caper Berry Gravy! I don't claim to be a gastronome (no, not a garden creature with a bad tummy) however I enjoy good food and I'd like to share my experiences on this blog because let's face it, who doesn't enjoy good food?

2 facts:
1) I lead a fairly hectic life and probably eat out more than I should. So as much as I'd like to write about great dishes I cook, I am more likely to be talking about what someone else cooked!
2) I live in Melbourne, Australia so most places featured will be Melbourne based. However I like to travel so I hope to also include postings from around Australia and even around the world.

I thought this would be a good first picture to post as naturally fine wine goes with fine food! The photo was taken in McLaren Vale in South Australia and if you could read the distances on the sign post, we're not exactly next door to many cities around the world. Australia is huge and yes, unlike Asia and Europe a few hours of air travel doesn't necessarily get you out of the country. But it is an amazing place and I hope that some of my stories will entice you to visit us soon!


  • At 1/23/2006 05:20:00 PM, Blogger Niki said…

    Hehehehe! How weird; I actually visited your site before Christmas and had no idea it was you! Had you left a comment on my blog with a different name??? :-)

  • At 1/23/2006 07:08:00 PM, Blogger Belinda said…

    Hello! No, I almost did but got interrupted and never posted it. I wonder how you linked to my site? At least I started! :)


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