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Monday, February 27, 2006

More Year of the Dog

Well so much has happened since my last blog so I'll try and make up for the lack of content lately!

Continuing with the Chinese New Year theme, here are some pictures taken in Box Hill where there were plenty of festivities.

From stalls selling plastic cherry blossoms to banners of blessings, there was plenty available to brighten up homes with!

And of course, what is Chinese New Year without food? There were plenty of food stalls in Box Hill and also at Crown Casino's riverfront celebrations.

And then you have a mum who visits you and can just whip up impromptu dinner for 8! Here we have spare ribs, tofu, chicken, prawns, spinach noodles, and little stuffed mushrooms that aren't hard to make - I know because she roped dad into preparing them!! Yum!


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