Caper Berry Gravy

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Petit picnique

I was walking along Lygon St ("Little Italy") when I spotted this charcuterie (France in Little Italy!) and decided to wander in. On one side were shelves of Luc biscuits - "can get that elsewhere",- and walnut oil and homemade jams - "this is starting to look interesting" - then I turned around and saw the homemade sausages, pâté/rilette*, cheeses, terrines and even ready made dishes to take home. I knew I had to buy something!

*The difference, I think, is that rillete is more coarse and is cooked in fat.

I settled on cheese,
pâté and of course, a baguette - Pavé d'Affinois and chicken, sage and brandy pâté to be specific. Not a diet menu but it was delicious! The cheese (literally "paving stone") is a soft cow's milk cheese similar to brie and it was oh so creamy (oops it's triple cream!) and oozed from the rind. The pâté was just as delicious... I will return.

La Parisienne Pâté
307 Lygon St