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Friday, April 07, 2006

Tribute to Helayne

Thanks for dinner!

Isn't this a magnificent tribute to fresh produce and the end of summer? Although autumn theoretically started a while ago, we've had strange hot and sunny weather. Until last night that is; it's freezing in Melbourne, someone accidentally pushed the winter button!

Helayne has this wonderful way of just throwing together simple but effective dishes for a dinner party. Whilst we nibbled on an avocado, rocket and fennel salad, bread with dips and marinated mini bocconcini, and asparagus sprinkled with Yarra Valley Persian Fetta, she managed to chat to us over the kitchen bench whilst roasting a chicken and preparing a fettucine with basil and tomato. All whilst looking extremely calm and relaxed! Grrr.
Note the great use of pineapples as a centrepiece! All of this was rounded off with the platter of cheeses, figs and grapes... has she inspired you?

Helayne's tip - the dip must be Poseidon Taramasalata, nothing else!

Here's to our friend O, who said "Figs are fantastic. They're so sensuous, they're to fruit like oyster is to um... like seafood"!


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