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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Jackie's Kitchen

When Mellie talked about Jackie's Kitchen, I should have remembered the name.

I've now been there twice for dinner and had completely mixed experiences. The first time the service was really good and the food was ok. (You're not there for gourmet dining.) The last time... well when you're going to make a table of people shuffle around to create a gap for serving through, use it! We almost had food poured down us as the waiter shoved between two of us - in the "non-serving gap". This was weird: I thought I left my scarf at the restaurant and rang up, I was asked if I was sure I didn't leave a hat; oh that's why my scarf never wrapped around my neck?!

It's supposed to be really good for yum cha so maybe I'll test that out one day. There's a wall of Jackie Chan merchandise, I wonder how many T-shirts and jackets are sold as I know I'm not about to pay $300 for a puffy jacket! The thing is Jackie Chan apparently doesn't even have much to do with the restaurant, I think he grants naming rights and gets appearance fees in return.

I always look for the positive, there was plenty of parking at Shoppingtown!

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