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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Climate Change

Not really related to my holiday or food but November 4th is the International Day of Action Against Climate Change. Unfortunately I couldn't make the Walk Against Warming but it looks like plenty of people did in Melbourne. If you missed the walk, you can sign the online petition.
You don't have to be a "greenie" to realise what risks we face. I recently watched An Inconvenient Truth and thought it was such a powerful way to drive home the message; I was also damn scared by it! Hopefully most of you would have watched it but if you haven't, I really urge you to.

The photo above was taking on Mt Titlis at the start of October on my trip. We were
3,000 metres above sea level and at this height there is year-round glacier skiing. It was magnificent up there and it was such a thrill to be so high up, but when I saw the photos of how far the glacier once spread it was terrifying to think how much temperature change must have taken place.

Maybe stopping the glaciers melting by wrapping them in foil will work, maybe it won't, there's got to be at least one thing we can each do to reduce our impact!

Added 7th Nov
We're smart people and most of us know about things like recycling and energy efficiency but I thought I'd post up some links (
Australian) for further things for which there aren't common signs to remind us about. Consider:
- switching to green power
- offsetting emissions, e.g. by contributing towards renewable energy projects



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